Vibrant Blooms...

We believe that flowers should be fresh! That's why we partner directly with Singletree Farm who grows blooms exclusively for our design studio right here in Goshen, IN and with other specialty local flower growers in the Michiana area.

We ask our growers to pick blooms in the cool hours of the day when they are at peak hydration, place them directly into buckets of water and properly condition them. Buckets of blooms are delivered to the studio the very same day and are handled carefully by our design staff to ensure that you receive the freshest, longest lasting bouquets possible.

As designers we work closely with our farmers to ensure that they are growing varieties of blooms that delight all of the senses: fragrant heirloom garden varieties that perfume the air, edible flowers for kitchen herbal bouquets, unusual focal flowers in all of the richest colors you can imagine, and branches and foliage that are pleasant to touch!


Seasonal Designs...

We believe that every flower has its season and our designs are inspired by the wonderful diversity that mother nature offers! We ask our farmers to grow lots of different varieties (over 200!) including those not available in other flower shops.

The early spring blooms of tulips, narcissus and daffodils, give way to the frilly petals of ranunculus, and poppies as the soil begins to warm. Soon sweet peas, snapdragons, and larkspur add their soft ruffled pastels.

In the heat of summer, sunflowers, zinnias, and lisianthus burst forth with bold colorful forms and those give way to velvety brain celosia, hanging amaranth, and glorious dahlias. We also enrich our bouquets with wild berries, and lots of textural foliage for a natural botanical feel.

With succession plantings, field tunnels for season extension, and perennial and bulb plantings that fill in the cool weather gaps, our local growers offer locally grown flowers from early April until late October.


and Exceptional Service.

We believe that flowers enhance our lives and yours and building strong relationships with the people who enjoy our designs is an important part of who we are.  

Whether you are ordering flowers for a milestone occasion like a wedding or christening, or you are one of our valued CSA members which we see every week, we value your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. We promise to listen to your visions and to pay attention to the details so that we exceed your expectations every time.

We love creating floral designs that delight your senses, create sweet memories, and bring joy to your life.